Promotion,Examination and Attendance Rules

Promotion Rules

1. At the end of the school year, only those students who pass on their years performance will be promoted. A Student who, due to illness, is unable to sit for the final examination, but whose yearly record is good, may be promoted on the basis of that record.

2. The general criteria for promotion is that a pupil has grasped the subject-matter of her present class sufficiently to follow the subject in the higher class easily.

3. Result declared at the end of the year will be final. There will be no re-considerations nor re-tests held.

4. No appeal for promotion of a student declared as having failed will be entertained.

5. All cases where doubt regarding promotions exists are left entirely to the Principal, and his/her decision is final.

6. No student will be allowed to repeat the same class for more than two years. She will have to discontinue her studies in the school.

7. If a student, who has failed in a class, absents for a week or more, his/her name is likely to be struck off the rolls.

Examination Procedure

Every School Will organize following examinations





Attendance Rules

1. 75% of total school days since date of admission during the session/examination date.

All the above information of students pertaining to marks and attendance can be viewed on Jankari portal.